Set of 171 - 1/4'' 3/8" and 1/2'' dr. tools Fasano Tools

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Set of 171pcs 1/4'' 3/8" and 1/2''dr. tools

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Set of 171 - 1/4'' 3/8 Set of 171 - 1/4'' 3/8 Set of 171 - 1/4'' 3/8
Set of 171 - 1/4'' 3/8
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FG 147/SL1/4"dr. Slotted socket bits4, 5.5, 6.5,7mm
FG 147/H1/4"dr. Hex socket bits3, 4, 5mm
FG 147/TX1/4"dr. Torx socket bitsTX8, TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30
FG 147/RTX1/4"dr. holed Torx socket bitsTX8, TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30
FG 625/CR121/2"dr. Reversible ratchet handleL: 250mm
FG 625/CR383/8"dr. Reversible ratchet handleL: 200mm
FG 624/CR141/4"dr. Reversible ratchet handleL: 200mm
FG 625/SN121/2"dr. Universal jointL: 76mm
FG 625/SN383/8"dr. Universal jointL: 52mm
FG 624/SN141/4"dr. Universal jointL: 38mm
FG 625/ES121/2"dr. Sliding barL: 305mm
FG 624/ES141/4"dr. Sliding barL: 115mm
FG 624/GR141/4"dr. Socket holder with handleL: 90mm
FG 625/PR1/2"dr Extension barL: 125mm
FG 624B/PR3/8"dr Extension barL: 125mm
FG 624/PR1/4"dr Extension barsL: 50,100mm
FG 87/ADBits' adaptor1/2"x5/16"
FG 87/PH5/16"dr. Phillips bitsPH3, PH4
FG 87/PZ5/16"dr. Pozidriv bitsPZ3, PZ4
FG 87/SL5/16"dr. Slotted bits8, 10, 12mm
FG 87/TX5/16"dr. Torx bitsTX40, TX45, TX50, TX55, TX60, TX70
FG 87/TT5/16"dr. holed Torx bitsTX40, TX45, TX50, TX55, TX60, TX70
FG 139/DHex allen keys1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 4.5, 5mm
FG 85/TX1/4"dr. Torx bitsTX5, TX6, TX7
FG 85/TT1/4"dr. holed Torx bitsTX7, TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX27, TX40, TX40
FG 85/M1/4"dr. bitsM5, M6, M7, M8, M9
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Set of 171 pieces 1/4'' 3/8" and 1/2'' dr. tools Fasano Tools - FG BEST 171.

The FG BEST 171 set contains 171 tools, including 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" tools, in a practical scratch-proof case. The inside of the case collects the tools neatly and securely, so that they are ready for use.

Case features:

Made of two-colour ABS, it is durable and protects your tools from scratches. These are neatly arranged by category of use.


- 1/4'', 3/8'' and 1/2'' hex sockets;

- 1/2'' and 1/4'' Torx sockets;

- Spark plugs sockets;

- 1/4" Phillips/Pozidriv socket bits;

- Slotted, hex, Tork and holed Torx 1/4" socket inserts;

- 1/4'', 3/8'' and 1/2'' reversible ratchet handle;

- 1/4'', 3/8'' and 1/2'' universal joint;

- 1/2'' and 1/4'' sliding bar;

- 1/4'', 3/8'' and 1/2'' socket holder with handle;

- 1/4'', 3/8'' and 1/2'' Extensions bar;

- Bits' adaptor;

- 5/16"dr. Phillips/Pozidriv bits;

- 5/16"dr. slotted, Torx, holed Torx bits;

- Hex allen keys;

- 1/4"dr. Torx and holed Torx bits.