FG 722/5T

Hydraulic jack 5 Tons - long model for heavy vehicles Fasano Tools

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Hydraulic jack 5 Tons - long model for heavy vehicles

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FG 722/5T5 TONS
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Hydraulic jack 5 Tons Fasano Tools - Long model for heavy vehicles.

The Fasano Tools hydraulic jack is a robust and heavy-duty model designed for lifting and supporting heavy vehicles. With a lifting capacity of 5 tons, it is capable of handling large trucks, buses, and other sizable vehicles.

The long design of the lift allows for sufficient clearance and stability while working on these heavy loads. One notable feature of the Fasano Tools hydraulic jack is its integrated self-return mechanism.

This mechanism enables the lift to automatically return to its original position after raising or lowering the vehicle.

This functionality enhances the efficiency and convenience of the lift, as the operator doesn't have to manually reposition the lift each time.

The self-return feature is particularly beneficial when working on multiple vehicles or performing tasks that require repetitive lifting and lowering.

It saves time and effort for the operator, making the overall process smoother and more productive.


- Long model for heavy vehicles

-Pedal auxiliary lifting system

- Steel wheels mounted on ball bearings

- Integrated Self Return.

Measures: 1350x1155mm.