FG 102/AS158

Assortment of 158 tools

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Assortment of 158 tools

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Grouped product items
FG 102/03G14 combination wrenches form
FG 102/03L6 combination wrenches rigid form
FG 102/03E8 open-ended wrenches rigid form
FG 102/17E6 socket wrenches rigid form 1/4'’
FG 102/19Tool form with square fitting 3/8’’
FG 102/21BTool form with 1/2 “square connection
FG 102/21TXTorx tool form with 1/4 “and 1/2” connection
FG 102/21HForm with hexagonal and xzn sockets with 1/2’’
FG 85/S311/4” bit set + 1/4” x1/4” holder adapter
FG 102/21RRibe socket inserts form with 1/2 “connection
FG 102/56CPercussion tool form
FG 102/39C3 pliers form with two-material coated handles
FG 102/42C4 pliers form for snap rings
FG 102/45G7 screwdrivers form with slotted head
FG 102/45F6 screwdriver form with phillips cross head
FG 102/45L6 screwdriver form with torx
FG 102/48G52 inserts form with 10mm connection + adapter
FG 102/65BSelf-locking pliers form
FG 102/62B5 second cut files form
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Assortment of 158 tools FG 102/AS158 Fasano Tools.


FG 102/03G: 14 combination wrenches tray

FG 102/21B: 6PT socket wrenches tray

FG 102/17: 6PT socket wrenches tray

FG 102/21TX: Tray of Torx tools

FG 102/21H: Socket bit wrenches tray

FG 102/39D: 3 pliers tray

FG 102/45F: 6 screwdrivers tray

FG 102/45G: 7 screwdrivers tray

FG 102/45I: 6 screwdrivers tray

FG 102/10C: 8 T-Handle wrenches tray.