FG 175/S30

Oil filter cap wreches

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Oil filter cap wreches Fasano Tools FG 175/S30.

Looking for a tool that can help you remove your oil filter with ease? Look no further than our oil filter cap wrenches FG 175/S30!

Our wrenches are designed to fit snugly around your oil filter cap, providing a strong grip and allowing you to easily twist off the filter without damaging it. Made from high-quality materials, our wrenches are built to last and can handle even the toughest jobs.

With a range of sizes available, our oil filter cap wrenches are suitable for use with a variety of vehicles and filter types. Plus, their compact size means they can be easily stored in your toolbox or glove compartment.



- Oil filter wrenches (FG 175/B1 - FG 175/B20);

- Purflux oil filter wrenches (FG 175/PF66 - FG 175/PF108-18);

- Adjustable oil filter wrench 60-120mm;

- Adaptor 1/2"x3/8";

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FG 175/B1 - FG 175/B20Oil filter wrenches
FG 175/PF66 - FG 175/PF108-18Purflux oil filter wrenches
-Adjustable oil filter wrench 60-120mm
-Adaptor 1/2"x3/8"
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