FG 191/S21

Kit of tools and adaptors for Diesel electro-injectors removing

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- Can be used on Bosch, Delphi, Siemens and Denso injectors

- Supplied in ABS box

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Grouped product items
Rif.Product CodeDescription
1FG 191/ES-SNUniversal joint
2FG 190/EL1ASpecial bit insert hex 10mm × Ø7.5
3FG 190/EL1Special bit insert hex 10mm × Ø6,6
4FG 191/ES-6Pull Spindle: OT M16X1,0
5FG 191/ES-7Pull Spindle: OT M17X1
6FG 191/ES-8Pull Spindle: OT M20X1
7FG 191/ES-9Pull Spindle: OT M25X1
8FG 191/ES-10Pull Spindle: OT M27X1
9FG 191/ES-2Pull Spindle: IT M16X1.5
10FG 191/ES-1Pull Spindle: IT M14X1,5
11FG 191/ES-3Pull Spindle: IT M25X0,5
12FG 191/ES-4Pull Spindle: IT M25X0,75
13FG 191/ES-5Pull Spindle: IT M27X1,0
14FG 190/A25Special socket Ø25
15FG 190/A27Special socket Ø27
16FG 190/A29Special socket Ø29
17FG 190/A30Special socket Ø30
18FG 191/ES-11Injector gripper 12 mm
19FG 191/ES-12Injector gripper 13,5 mm
20FG 191/ES-13Injector gripper 16 mm
21FG 191/ES-14Injector gripper 26 mm
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