FG 215/S40

Digital tester for motor compression test for Diesel and Gasoline, included of fake injectors and fake glow plugs

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FG 215 is a digital tester capable of measuring the compression of diesel and petrol powered systems.

Conceived, engineered and entirely produced in Italy, it represents a real technological revolution!



- Degree of accuracy: 1%FS

- Software available in 8 languages (IT, EN, DE, FR, ES, PT, GR, PL)

- 4.3" backlit LCD touch screen display

Ability to store and download the tests on PC, customizing the data sheet with all the information of the customer and their garage (logo included)



- Pressure sensor 0-80 Bar

- Battery-operated connection terminals 12V

- Fitting kit and hose for Petrol systems

- Fittings and pipe kits for Diesel systems

- Supplied in 2 ABS boxes and removable internal soft rubber modules

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Grouped product items
FG 215Digital Tester
FG 215/CA1Glow plug adaptor M12x1.5 - L: 17.5mm
FG 215/CA2Glow plug adaptor M12x1.25 - L: 20.0mm
FG 215/CA3Glow plug adaptor M10x1.25 - L: 28.5mm
FG 215/CA4Glow plug adaptor M10x1.25 - L: 42.0mm
FG 215/CA5Glow plug adaptor M10x1.25 - L: 45.0mm
FG 215/C6Glow plug adaptor M120x1.25 - L: 44.0mm
FG 215/CA7Glow plug adaptor M10.1.0 - L: 54.0mm
FG 215/CA8Glow plug adaptor M10x1.0 - L: 43.0mm
FG 215/CA9Glow plug adaptor M12x1.25 - L: 26.0mm
FG 215/CA10Glow plug adaptor M10x1.25 - L: 32.0mm
FG 215/CA11Glow plug adaptor M10x1.0 - L: 35.0mm
FG 215/CA2Glow plug adaptor M12x1.25 - L: 58.0mm
FG 215/CA13Glow plug adaptor M10x1.0 - L: 71.0mm
FG 215/CA14Glow plug adaptor M10x1.0 - L: 59.0mm
FG 215/CA15Glow plug adaptor M8x1.0 - L: 61.0mm
FG 215/CA16Glow plug adaptor M10x1.25 - L: 85.0mm
FG 215/CA17Glow plug adaptor M10x1.0 - L: 80.0mm
FG 215/CA19Glow plug adaptor M10x1.25 - L: 102.0mm
FG 215/CA20Glow plug adaptor M9x1.0 - L: 88.0mm
FG 215/CA21Glow plug adaptor M10x1.25 - L: 85.0mm
FG 215/CA22Glow plug adaptor M10x1.0 - L: 73.0mm
FG 215/FI23Injector's adaptor M22x1.5 - L: 43.0mm
FG 215/FI24Injector's adaptor M24x1.5 - L: 28.0mm
FG 215/FI25Injector's adaptor M20x1.5 - L: 29.0mm
FG 215/FI26Injector's adaptor M24x2.0 - L: 26.0mm
FG 215/TUHigh pressure hose complete of quick couplings
FG 215TU/BEHose for petrol vehicles
FG 215MP/S9Adaptors for truck, marine and agriculture
FG 215BE/M10Fake spark plug for petrol vehicles M10
FG 215BE/M12Fake spark plug for petrol vehicles M12
FG 215BE/M14Fake spark plug for petrol vehicles M14
FG 215BE/M14FFake spark plug for petrol vehicles M14 MOTORI ZETEC
FG 215BE/M16Fake spark plug for petrol vehicles M16
FG 215BE/PRExtension for fake spark plugs
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