FG 100/AS284

Assortment of 284 tools in soft rubber modules

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Assortment of 284 tools in soft rubber modules

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Grouped product items
FG 100 / 03GModule 14 combination wrenches 6 - 19mm
FG 100 / 17EModule 65 tools 1/4 "
FG 100 / 21TXModule 44 TORX tools
FG 100 / 45FModule 6 Phillips screwdrivers
FG 100 / 45IModule 6 screwdrivers TORX
FG 100 / 45TModule 6 hexagonal socket screwdrivers
FG 102 / 56CPercussion tools module
FG 100 / 81FSocket module 1/2 "hex and" "
FG 100 / 21MSocket hexagonal module
FG 100 / 39CModule with 3 assorted pliers
FG 100 / 50GModule with 6 male Torx keys
FG 100/68Modul or 5 nipple removers
FG 100 / 52A7 nipple removers
FG 100 / 52BBodywork cutting tools module
FG 100 / VA4Filling module with small parts compartments
FG 100 / 52CTool module for vehicle windows
FG 100 / 52DModule nylon levers
FG 100 / 52EPlastic wedges module
FG 100 / 52FGeneral maintenance tools module for bodywork
FG 100 / 52GGeneral maintenance tool module for bodywork
FG 100 / 52HGeneral maintenance tool module for bodywork
FG 100 / VA1Filling module with compartments for small parts
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Assortment of 284 tools in soft rubber modules FG 100/AS284.

FG 100/AS284 is the perfect set for those who demand high-quality and durable tools that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Each soft rubber module contains a carefully curated selection of tools, all made from premium materials to ensure maximum durability and functionality. From wrenches and screwdrivers to pliers and hammers, our tool set has everything you need to get the job done right.

But what sets our tool set apart from the rest is the soft rubber modules that keep your tools organized and easy to find. No more fumbling through a messy toolbox to find the tool you need – with our set, everything is neatly laid out and ready to use.