FG 100/52C

5 vehicle windows tools form

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5 vehicle windows tools form

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FG 187/IMSet of 2pcs wire handles
FG 187/W50Windscreen cutting wires
FG187/GU2T-Handle wire starter tool
FG187/GRLocking strip tool
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5 vehicle windows tools form FG 100/52C.

The 5 vehicle windows tools form is a comprehensive kit designed to make the process of cutting and removing vehicle windows easier and more efficient.

The form includes wire handles, which are durable and easy to grip, as well as windscreen cutting wires that are specifically designed for cutting through automotive glass. The T-handle wire starter tool is a great addition to the kit, providing a comfortable and ergonomic way to get started with cutting through glass.

In addition, FG 100/52C also includes a locking strip tool, which is ideal for removing locking strips that hold the window in place. This tool is easy to use and helps to speed up the removal process.

All of the tools in the form are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. 

FG 100/52C is an essential addition for any bodywork shop looking to improve their efficiency and productivity when it comes to cutting and removing automotive glass.

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