FG 100/52B

26 bodywork cutting tools form

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26 bodywork cutting tools form

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FG 183/CMManual knife equipped with cable and cable stop system
FG 183CM/S3Set of 3pcs blade for FG 183/CM
FG 183/CK250Manual knife with interchangeable blade
FG 183/CK-RSet of 10pcs blades for FG 183/CK250
FG 183/RA1Manual razor scraper with straight blade
FG 183RA/S10Set of 10pcs razor scraper blade for FG 183/RA1
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26 bodywork cutting tools form FG 100/52B.

The FG 100/52B bodywork cutting tools form includes a manual knife equipped with a cable and cable stop system, a manual knife with interchangeable blades, and a manual razor scraper with a straight blade.

Our manual knife with cable and cable stop system allows for precise cutting of all materials, including those that are thick and hard to handle. The cable and cable stop system ensures that the knife stays in place while you work, making for a more efficient and accurate cut.

Our manual knife with interchangeable blades is perfect for those who need to switch between different cutting tasks quickly and easily. With a variety of blade options available, you can easily tailor your cutting tool to the specific needs of your project.

Our manual razor scraper with a straight blade is ideal for removing paint, rust, and other debris from a variety of surfaces. The straight blade ensures that you can get into tight spaces and remove even the most stubborn debris with ease.

All of our tools come with replacement parts, ensuring that you can keep your set in top working condition for years to come.

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